Green Pastures Housing For The Homeless

Green Pastures Housing For The Homeless

Helping house the homeless through ethical lending.

Green pastures housing for homeless

Green pastures using ethical lending to house the homeless

Found this amazing site of a charity that helps purchase properties through ethical lending, what they do is take donations from investors and in turn they use this money to purchase houses to get the homeless off the street while being able to give you a return on your investment of up to 5%.

I feel this charity has the right idea when it comes to dealing with homeless issues what better way for investors to get a return on their money and help the homeless in return and what better way to invest money than putting it in a bank for them to profit from.

I really do think this is a wonderful concept when helping the homeless which is such a problem in the UK when people fall into the rut of being homeless.

If you are an investor and you are looking to do something good with your money i would recommend you look at green pastures truly wonderful work and a great concept to help the homeless in the UK. Visit Green Pastures

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